Banking and Cash Management

There are several banks with varying messages and services, each charge different fees for different services.

  • Banks: We will inform on which banks offer which services and help you in selecting the right one for you.
  • Loans: Looking for a secured/unsecured loan? Which banks offer the best interest rates and have the best services? What are some of the hidden charges you need to look out for?
  • Budgeting: If any of the following is true: a) your money always runs out before the month ends , b) you find yourself taking pay advances, c)you need a loan to buy a phone, car, laptop or any other purchases  d) you hide from your landlord , you need help budgeting your cash and Laeteon Financial Advisors can provide this.
  • Credit Cards: What are they? How are they used? Are they necessary? We’ll give you the information you need on credit cards and whether or not they should be in your wallet.