Investment Management

There are several options on where to invest your money. Whether you are looking for long term investment options or shorter term commitments, we can steer you in the right direction. We give you the choices so you can make an informed decision.

  • Stocks and bonds: Which stocks and bonds or Treasury bills are out there? What is their performance history? What is the projected profit/loss? What is happening in the market that may affect the performance of the stocks? Interested in investing in stocks but unclear about how to do so? Laeteon Financial Advisors and Portfolio Managers will answer all your questions.
  • Unit Trusts: These provide investment diversification without the requirement for huge financial outlay. Laeteon Financial Advisors will identify the most ideal unit trust available in the market that matches with your financial goals, timeline and amount of capital available.
  • Real Estate: There are several ways to invest in the real estate market.  You can be a silent investor or an active investor. The real estate market is picking up with amazing speed and now is the time to be a part of it. We will help you find the right place in the right area based on your property goals.
  • Money Market Fund: For the conservative investors who desire investments with low risk exposure, Laeteon Financial Advisors will work with you to identify the right Money Market Fund that will help you maximize your returns through investing in a range of debt securities, fixed deposit instruments and near cash.
  • Venture Capital: We will help you find the right business to invest in and give you advice on the market trends and the returns to expect from your investment. We will evaluate the business plans of any business you are looking to invest in and provide advice on how changing markets will affect the performance of the business as well as when to expect a return on your investment. We will also make introductions/source potential businesses into which you may be interested in making an investment
  • Other Investments: This will include advice on the not so typical investment routes that some investors prefer.