Office Management Solutions

Laeteon Office Management Solutions provides administrative consultancy services to local and foreign businesses, organizations and individuals in Kenya. Our aim is to enable them run their activities in a cost efficient manner.

In brief, we provide value in quality, relationships and dependability. We’ll get your business on the right track from the start and keep it there.

What is an administrative consultant?

An administrative consultant is an agent of success for your business who provides optimal administrative support that would otherwise consume 40-60% of your business revenue and 40% of your time, were you to do it yourself.

How we work.

Our primary goal is partnership, and our commitment is to the success or our clients’ business. Our secondary goal is to help our clients succeed by easing their transition into the next phase of business, whether it is entering new markets or setting up a new office or operations without brick and mortar premises


We are successful in Kenya because we havelearnt how to best support the unique business of each of our clients by providing ongoing support within their work processes and filling in the administrative gaps that our clients do not want to be burdened with.


Why us                


You need our services because:

  1. You do not want to spend time on back office functions rather than focusing on your core business
  2. You may not be familiar with the requirements or needs of setting up a new office and you do not want to spend your limited capital in figuring it out
  3. You have neither the space nor the resources to recruit and retain employees to provide back office support.
  4. You want reliable processes that ensure the smooth running of your business without unnecessary hiccups
  5. You want to focus on what you know how to do best (your business) and let the experts (us) handle the rest.
  6. You do not want to deal with irate vendors and clients and need someone to handle invoicing and accounts receivable follow up
  7. You have a cost efficiency strategy
  8. You want peace of mind while running your business.
  9. Contracting our services is more flexible, efficient and cost effective than keeping your own staff.